Accurate Ranking of Top 10 Best Schools in St Vincent And The Grenadines Ranking 2020

By | September 25, 2019

Here Are All the Stats Top 10 Best Schools in St Vincent And The Grenadines Ranking 2020. Here’s a list of 10 Best High Schools in St Vincent And The Grenadines Ranking 2020. In as much as Finding a good school can be challenging. Every parent wants the best for their child, right?

  1. Barrouallie Secondary School

Barrouallie Secondary School based an recent statistics ranked as one of the best schools in St Vincent And The Grenadines 2020. Barrouallie Secondary School has a strong sense of history, but firmly rooted in its modern contemporary environment, Barrouallie Secondary School continues into its 10th decade to provide the boys with a holistic approach to education and the lessons of life.

Barrouallie Secondary School offer an exceptional, balanced education which instils respect for self and enthusiastically embraces diversity. Their progressive ethos, based on Religious values, is dedicated to the flourishing of learning and community development.

  1. North Union Secondary School

North Union Secondary School offers a unique learning experience by placing an emphasis on the arts including, music, art and drama. North Union Secondary School has received the award for “Best overall achievement of schools in St Vincent And The Grenadines”, for five consecutive years.

The child-centred approach incorporated at the North Union Secondary School allows each child to find a flexible schedule that allows them express their exceptionality.

  1. Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia

Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia students are actively involved in the learning process where independence and responsibility are nurtured by giving students choice and voice in our learning environments.  As active agents in their learning, students are able to construct meaning about themselves and the world around them, using effective questioning strategies, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia encourages students to become compassionate, life-long learners. This is developed throughout their learning with a focus on the attributes of the IB Learner Profile where learners strive to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective.

  1. Troumaca Secondary School

All students at Troumaca Secondary School have the opportunity for a positive educational experience that is tailored to meet their evolving stages of cognitive development, and expert Staff ensure high quality learning. Troumaca Secondary School boasts award-winning arts programs!

Troumaca Secondary School purpose is to develop socially mature, family oriented people equipped to interact successfully with their environment.

  1. Bishop’s College Kingstown

Bishop’s College Kingstown contend that the purpose of education is to equip students with skills, knowledge, abilities and attitudes which will make them productive citizens – making meaningful contributions to society and engaging in continuous learning for self-development.

Bishop’s College Kingstown stimulating, and rigorous curriculum aims to provide coherence, balance and breadth. Critical and creative thinking are integral to their respective students learning. Bishop’s College Kingstown actively encourage their students confidence in Mathematics and the Sciences, among other areas.

  1. Mountain View Academy Academy

Mountain View Academy Academy is committed to becoming a community where learning is intellectually challenging, relevant, and responsive to the needs of the individual.

All language program options are compatible with the B.C. curriculum and lead towards Grade 12 graduation. There are no special fees and you do not need to live near the school, nor in the school district, to enroll. Languages are part of the Surrey School District Choices Programs.

  1. Bequia Seventh Day Adventist School

Bequia Seventh Day Adventist School rich traditions continues to deliver a challenging and enjoyable program focused on developing well rounded individuals who are guided in the development of skills in the arts, sciences, information technology, foreign languages and sports.

At the core of an excellent school is its faculty. Bequia Seventh Day Adventist School teachers and administrators are experienced and highly qualified professionals who are committed to delivering the highest caliber of education geared to meet a most the diverse student body.

  1. West St. GeorgeTown Secondary School

West St. GeorgeTown Secondary Schoolknown as one of the oldest secondary school in St Vincent And The Grenadines , providing challenging and nurturing education to almost 600 students who come from almost every community in the State.

St Vincent And The Grenadines continues to offer an outstanding education based on Caribbean Examination Council curriculum model as approved and promulgated by the Ministry of Education. Our programs center on the skills, knowledge and values necessary for our students to be productive individuals in an interdependent world.

  1. GeorgeTown Secondary School
  2. St. Joseph Convent (Marriaqua)

St. Joseph Convent (Marriaqua) officially ranked as the best high school in Antigua and Barbuda 2020.

St. Joseph Convent (Marriaqua) a synergy model for students schooling on campus. Students experience a holistic and relevant education, grounded in values that reflect their identity as a relegious School.

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